Major functions of Human Resource and General Administration Section

Pic: Small Industries Development Bank of India
  • Planning and scheduling of the entire work of the staff.

  • Constant vigilance which is sine-qua-non of speedy and qualitative disposal of work, safety of the record, regular and discipline / conduct of the staff.

  • LTC related activities of all non-academic employees.

  • Maintenance of Personal Files, Service Book, Leave, Fixed Medical Allowance, Pay fixation etc.

  • Confirmation on probation / Absorption of contractual employees on completion of term.

  • Promotion, Financial up-gradation and Pay Fixation of all non-academic employees.

  • Co-ordination of Training programs for employees.

  • Appreciation of Manpower working under different departments.

  • Engagement of Manpower through outsourcing mode on need basis.

  • Preparation of Agenda & Minutes of Committees including Board Sub Committee (Grievance) meetings.

  • Issuance of Office Orders on various issues after obtaining approval from Competent Authority.

  • Works related with police verification, performance report etc. of employees.

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