Student Assistance

The DORA office provides financial assistance to students in several ways.

Scholarships : Currently, the Institute has about 110 endowed Student Scholarships. The aim is to provide scholarships to at least 50% of the student population to assist them in paying tuition fees, boarding and lodging expenses, and meet other financial problems.

Travel Assistance : Students may seek international travel assistance from the DoRA office to present a paper in an international conference / symposium / seminar. The office provides partial financial support for travel, registration and other expenses.

Note: It is important that the thesis supervisor and the Head of the Department give a reasonable amount of financial assistance to the student in order to avail the Conference Assistance from the DoRA office. A commitment from internal sources helps to convince a sponsor to give funds. Students are advised to acknowledge the financial sponsor in their manuscripts/presentations.

R&D Project Prototype Fund : This fund has been set up exclusively to encourage innovations and novel research amongst students. It provides financial assistance to teams working on research problems to develop prototypes. For instance, Team PSUAV aims to develop a UAV that will be capable of autonomously spraying pesticides thus aiding in mass cultivation and feeding the growing population. Besides addressing this huge problem of hunger, shifting to an autonomous solution in paddy sector will lead to higher productivity and also release the workforce. The team is also motivated to participate in events like an outback challenge and IMAV.

Medical Emergency Fund : A Fund has been set up to provide discretionary financial assistance to students in case of emergency. For instance, last year, a research scholar's life could not be saved in spite of all the efforts made by the campus community. To handle such situations in future, the fund has been set up.

Sports Activity Fund : From time to time, financial assistance is provided to the Student Gymkhana for organizing several sports activities within the campus.

Lecture Series : With the aim to stimulate the intellect of students and widen their knowledge base, the Distinguished Lecture Series are organized where intellectuals are invited to speak on intriguing topics in an engaging style. These talks address a general audience. There are about 16 such distinguished lecture series.

Cultural Activities : The DORA office has always been instrumental in providing assistance to students for organizing round-the-year cultural activities such as Techkriti, Antaragni, etc.

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