Department of Chemical EngineeringLast Updated: 03-01-2020

About Us

What is Chemical Engineering? What do Chemical Engineers do and what it is like to be a Chemical Engineer. Meet our people, explore our department, and discover your potential in Chemical Engineering at IIT Kanpur!

Our People

The Chemical Engineering team at IIT Kanpur is made up of a diverse range of talented and hardworking professionals and academic staff.
Find out who’s who in the Department of Chemical Engineering

PG Programmes

Take your engineering qualification to the next level with postgraduate program at Chemical Engineering, IIT Kanpur. We offer a range of postgraduate coursework program with an emphasis on industry-driven projects.

Ph.D Admissions

Chemical Engineering, IIT Kanpur is a leading global centre for research. We engage with industry and other world leading institutes to carry out pioneering research that benefits society and changes the world around us.

Our Research

Are you ready to become a part of the Chemical Engineering research community? Find out more about different research fields at Chemical Engineering, IIT Kanpur and current research opportunities.


You’ll find Chemical Engineering alumni right around the globe, working in every conceivable field of engineering, leading the way in their chosen professions and helping the next generation embark on their own engineering journeys.

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